Friday, June 3, 2016

Review: One Night Twin Consequences

One Night Twin Consequences by Annie O'Neil

Genre: Harlequin, Medical, Romance, 
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Pages: 256
Unexpected surprises come in twos!
When Dr. Matteo Torres invites nurse Harriet Monticello to work with orphans in Buenos Aires, her head says yes! It's something she's always wanted to do…although her heart is wary of the irresistible off-limits doc. Shy Harriet isn't used to taking anything for herself, and yet before they board the plane for Argentina, the chemistry between them combusts and they give in to just one night together…
But their night of recklessness isn't without consequences. And now Harriet has nine months to melt this brooding doctor's heart!
Nurse Harriet is going to work with Dr.Matteo in Buenos Aires to help the orphans. Thing in after a steamy night things get complicated leaving a strain in their relationship. It was just one heated night, wasn't supposed to be more then that until they find out shes pregnant and he isn't interested in having a family.

I liked this book, it was interested getting to know the characters. I thought it was interesting getting to know more about Dr.Matteo and why he was doing what he's doing and why he doesn't want to a family or to connect to any children that he managed to help throughout the way. I thought Harriet's story was interesting as well, shes been taking the backseat and helping her sister and others rather then forming a family or something of her own. I feel like I can connect to her character in that way which made me like her character even more. I thought the overall story was fun and enjoyable and I liked it.

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