Friday, June 3, 2016

Review: APB:Baby

APB: Baby by Julie Miller

Genre: Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Harlequin
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Published: June 1st 2016 by Harlequin Intrigue
USA TODAY bestselling author Julie Miller's new series launches with a lawman and social worker who team up to safeguard a baby 

After a near-fatal shootout at his sister's wedding, third-generation lawman Niall Watson comes home to a baby in distress. The abandoned newborn in his neighbor's apartment sends the Kansas City PD criminologist into rescue mode once again. 

Social worker Lucy McKane will do whatever it takes to protect the infant boy entrusted to her care. The tall, sexy ME next door may be clueless about her feelings for him, but Niall's the only one who can keep them safe. As a vengeful killer targets them, desire draws Lucy and Niall dangerously closer. Together, can they find justice and safeguard their newly created family?

After coming home from a wedding where everyone witnessed his grandfather get shot he was looking for a bit of relaxation. But after hearing a baby cry for a while and sick of it he ends up stepping into a situation that ended up with him finding a baby abandoned in a neighbors apartment. Lucy is a social worker so it would be odd for her to leave a child on its own. When confronted, and finding out that the baby was not hers but was left to her. After this a series of strange things happen and Niall Watson knows that he can't leave her alone and will help her find the mother.

If you are looking for a a fast paced, mystery, with a bit of baby mama drama then this book is for you. I really loved this book lately I've been reading good books that are really slow paced and it was nice to come across a book that was fact paced and to the point with what was going on. I managed to finish this book within a two hours or so. So it was a fast book to read as well. I loved that there was plenty of drama and mystery to keep the readers hooked. I loved that there was the bit of connection between Watson and Lucy. I loved that she cared enough to do everything in her power to find her former foster child. Overall this was a pretty great book and I really enjoyed it!

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