Book Reviews


Aaron Powell : Sugar Baby
Abbi Glines : Twisted Perfection
A.C. Arthur : Part of Me
Addison Moore : Someone to Love
Adrianne James : The Billionaire And The Barfly
Adriana Hunter : Something Borrowed
AJ Kelton : Faelon
A.J. Bennett : Unintentional Virgin
A.J. Bennett : Now or Never
Allison Parr : Running Back
Allison Leigh : A Weaver Beginning
Allison Leigh : Once Upon a Valentine
Allison Leigh : Fortune's June Bride
Alexandria Rhodes : More Than You Know
Alexia Haynes : Too Fast
Alan Nayes : The Learner
Ally Blake : Hottest Summer Yet
Amalie Silver : WordPlay
Amy Andrews : Heat of the Night
Amy Andrews : It Happened One Night Shift
Ann Gimpel : Alpine Attraction
Anna Antonia : Mad For You
Anna Cruise : Down By The Water
Annie Jocoby : Broken
Annie Jocoby : Exposure
Andy Gavin : Untimed
Angela Carlie : Jenny’s Blue Velvet
Angie Stanton : Snowed Over
Angela Ford : Closure
Angela Brown : Neverlove
Angela Stephens : One Last Dance
AM Hudson : Dark Secrets
Annie Jocoby : Fearless (Trilogy)
April Bostic : The Howling Heart
Ashely Farley : Saving Ben
A.S. Fenichel : Kane’s Bounty
Ashely Wilcox : Waiting on Forever
Ashely Wilcox : Giving You Forever
Ashley Wilcox : Running From Forever
Aubrey Rose : Rocking Her Curves
Aubrey Rose : Me, Cinderella?
Audrey Bell : Carry Your Heart
Audrey Bell : Love Show
Aurora Rose Reynolds : Until Nico
Aubrey Rose : Heart bitten
Avery Aster : Undressed
Avery Aster : Yours Truly, Taddy
Avery Aster : Love, Lex
Avery Aster : Xo, Blake


Barbara DeLeo : Last Chance Proposal
Barbara White Daille : The Texan's Little Secret
Barbara Wallace : A Millionaire for Cinderella
Carrie Ryan : The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Carrie Ryan : Dead-Tossed Waves
Carrie Ryan : Dark and Hollow Places
Cassandra Clare : Clockwork Angel
Cassandra Clare : Clockwork Prince
Cassandra Clare : Clockwork Princess
Casey Keen : I'll Be Damned
Cassie Mae : Switched
Cassie Mae : Friday Night Alibi
Cathy McDavid : The Texan's Surprise Son
Cecilia Dominic : The Mountain's Shadow
Celia Breslin : Haven
Cerella Sechrist : The Paris Connection
Charli Webb : Naked Edge
Chris Myers: Blackout
Christy Dorrity : Awakening
Christina Jean Michaels : Epiphany
Cindi Madson : The Officer and Rebel
CJ Ellisson : Avoiding Mr. Right
Chloe Adams : Broken Beauty
Chrystine Butler : Last Chance Maverick
Claire Contreras : Catch Me
Claire Wallis : Push
Claudia Y. Burgoa : Getting by ~ A Knight’s Tale I
Colleen Hoover : Hopeless
Courtney Cole : If You Stay
Courtney Cole : Before We Fall
Crystal Serowka : In The Air
Cristine Duval : Freshman Forty
Cerys du Lys, Ethan Winters : Master Over You
Cynthia Thomason : This Hero for Hire


Dakota Madison : Match Play
Dakota Madison : Fire on Ice
Danielle Weiler : Reckless
Damon Starc : The Bride Unbridled
Darlene Kuncytes : Vampire Saving Embrace
Danielle DeVor : Tail Of The Devil
Deanna Roy : Forever Innocent
Deanna Roy : Forever Loved
Deanna Roy : Forever Sheltered
Deanna Roy : Stella & Dane : A Honky Tonk Romance
Deanna Chase : Defining Destiny
Debra Doxer : Keep You From Harm
Delores Fossen : The Deputy's Redemption
Denise Moncrief : Crisis of Identity
Diane Alberts by Take Me
Dulaney-Glen : Unexpected
Desiree Deorto : The Prophecy
Demitria Lunetta : In The After
Donna Alward : The Cowboy's Valentine


EC Hibbs : Tragic Silence
Elle Chardou ; A Summer To Remember
Ella James : Stained
Ella James : Selling Scarlett
Ella James : Unmaking Marchant
Ella James : Red and Wolfe
Elyssa Patrick : Stay With Me
Elyssa Patrick : Go with Me
Elise Sax : Matchpoint
Emma L. Adams : Darkness Watching
E.M. Tippetts : Break It Up
Emme Rollins : Dear Rockstar
Emme Rollins : Buried Secrets
Erin Butler : How We Lived
Erica Kiefer : Lingering Echoes
E.R. Pierce : Fractured Moon
Evelyn Cullet : Masterpiece of Murder
Ever McCormick : Gone Wild
Evie Rose : Deception


Faith Andrews : Keep Me
Farrah Taylor : Love Songs For The Road
Fierce Dolan : The Fangirl’s Dream
Francesca Lia Block: The Frenzy


Gayle Forman : Just One Day
Gayle Forman : Just One Year
Gina Robinson : Reckless Longing
Gina Robinson : Reckless Secrets
Gina Drayer : Lotus Petals
Ginger Scott : Waiting on the Sidelines
Georgia Cates : Beauty From Love


Helena Newbury : Dance For Me
Heather L. Reid : Pretty Dark Nothing
Heather Young-Nichols : Up For Grabs
Heidi Rice : Beach Bar Baby


Isabelle Blanco : Blood Flows Deep
Isaiyan Morrison : Deamhan
Ivy Sinclair : Where My Heart Breaks by


J.A Redmerski : The Edge of Always
J.A. Huss : Panic
J.A. Huss : Guns : The Spencer book
J.A. Huss : The Ford Book
Jacelyn Rye : Surrender to Fate
Janine Caldwell : Visited
Janice Kay Johnson : To Love A Cop
Janice Kay Johnson : One Frosty Night
Jen Minkman : Shadow In Time
Jen Frederick : Unspoken
Jen Frederick : Unraveled
Jen Frederick : Losing Control
Jen Frederick & Jessica Clare : Last Breath
Jen Frederick & Jessica Clare : Last Hit : Reloaded
Jenni Moen : Remembering Joy
Jenni Moen : Finding Joy
Jennifer Ann : Adam's List
Jennifer Loman : Winning Ruby Heart
Jennifer Lane : Blocked
Jennifer Morey : The Marine's Temptation
Jennifer Probst : Searching for Someday
Jennifer Probst : Searching for Perfect
Jennifer Mathieu : The Truth About Alice
Jennifer Snow : Fighting for Keeps
Jessica Clare : Experts Guide to Driving a Man Wild
Jessica Clare : Body Games
Jessica Clare : One Night with a Billionaire
Jessica Aspen : Goldi and the Bear
Jessica Frances : Haunted Love
Jessica Frost : A Witness’s Submission
Jessica Frost : Covet Thy Neighbor & To Serve and Protect
Jessica Grey : Attempting Elizabeth
Jessica Gilmore : The Return of Mrs.Jones
Jessica Ingro : Love Square
Jessica Ingro : His Ever After
Jessica Jayne : Board Approved
Jessica Sorensen : Breaking Nova
Jessica Sorensen : Saving Quinton
Jessica Sorensen : The Ever After of Ella and Micha
Jessica Sorensen : The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden
Jessica Sorensen : Ember X
Jessica Sorensen : The Destiny of Violet & Luke
Jessica Sorensen : Lila and Ethan : Forever and Always
Jessica Sorensen : The Redemption of Callie & Kayden
Jessica Sorensen : The Temptation of Lila and Ethan
Jessica Sorensen : The Forever of Ella and Micha
Jessica Sorensen : Nova Series
Jessica Sorensen : Ruin Me
Jessica Redmerski : Edge Of Never
J.A. Redmerski : Song Of the Fireflies
J.F. Jenkins : A Slow Burning Fire
Jill Myles : Experts Guide to Driving a Man Wild
J.L. Berg : Never Been Ready
J.L Mac : Wreck Me
Joanna Mazurkiewicz : £6.19 per Witching Hour
JC Andrijeski : Rook
Julianna Morris : Winning Over Skylar
Juliana Haygert : Breaking Fences
Julie Cross : Third Degree
Julie Moffett : No Place Like Rome
Julie Particka : Fall With Me
Julia Kent : Random Acts of Crazy
Juliana Haygert : Everlast Trilogy
Jus Accardo : Rules of Survival


K.A. Robinson : Torn
K.A. Robinson : Twisted
K.A. Tucker : Ten Tiny Breaths
Karen-Anne Stewart : Rain Trilogy
Karen Erikson : Loving Mindy
Kate Evangelista : Romancing The Bookworm
Kate Laurens : Love Me For Me
Kate Perry : Lost In Love
Kate Hoffman : Seducing the Marine
Kate James : A Child's Christmas
Kate James : The Truth About Hope
Katee Robert : Falling for his Best Friend
Katie McGarry : Dare To You
Katie Delahanty : In Bloom
Katherine Owen : This Much Is True
Kathleen Eagle : Never Trust a Cowboy
Kathleen O'Brien : The Rancher's Dream
Karen Whiddon : A Secret Colton Baby
Karice Bolton : RecruitZ
Karice Bolton : Alibiz
Karice Bolton : Hidden Sins
Kari March : Promise Me Always
K. Bromberg by Fueled
K.B. Nelson : Carnival Nights
K.B. Nelson : Faithless
KB Webb : Follow You Down
Karen Stivali : Leave the Lights On
Ketley Allison ; Dark Souls
Kelley Armstrong : The Gathering
Kelley Armstrong : The Calling
Kelly Hunter : What the Bride Didn't Know
Kelly Walker : No One's Angel
Kelly Walker : No One's Hero
Kelsie Leverich : The Valentine Arrangement
Kenya Carlton : Brazil
Kendra Blake : Anna Dressed in Blood
Kerry Taylor : Bling Dating
Kevin Berry : Stim
Kevin Berry : Kaleidoscope
K.F. Breene : Darkness Series
K.I. Lynn : Breach
K.I. Lynn : Whispers in the Dark
K.L. Ruse : Found in You
K Bromberg : Driven
Krista and Becca Ritchie : Addicted To You
Kristine Wyllys : Wild Ones


Laurel Cremant : Persuasion Skills
Lauren Baratz-Logsted : Crazy Beautiful
Lauren Hawkeye : Untouched
Lauren Oliver : Delirium
Lauren Oliver : Requiem
Laura Kreitzer : Love's Paradox
Laura Scott : Under the Lawmans Protection
Laura Whitcomb : A Certain Slant of Light
Laurie Faria Stolarz : Deadly Little Secret
Laurelin Paige : Fixed On You
Layla Hagen : Withering Hope
Lexi Ryan : Lost In Me
Lexi Ryan : Fall to You
Lexi Ryan : All For This
Lexi Ryan : Something Reckless
Lexi Ryan : Reckless & Real #2
Leanne Banks : Maverick for Hire
L.G. Castillo : Lash
Lia Fairchild : The Tech Guy
Linda Warren : A Texas Holiday Miracle
Linda Warren : Texas Rebels : Egan
Lisa Burstine : The Possibiblity Of Us
Lisa Renee Jones : Escaping Reality
Lisa Renee Jones : Infinite Possibilities
Lisa De Jong : When It Rain
Lisagh J. Winters : Soul Scavengers: Wilde and the Witch
Livia Olteano : Gargoyle Addiction
Livia Olteano : Blitzkrieg Love
Liz Fielding : For His Eyes Only
Liz Talley : The Sweetest September
Liz Talley : Sweet Talking Man
LK Lewis : Breaking the Rules
Lola Rooney : Put Me Back Together
Lori Brighton : The Mind Thieves
Loree Lough : Once a Marine
Loretta Lost : Clarity
Loretta Lost : Clarity – The Complete Series
L.P. Dover : Love's Second Chance
Marissa Meyer : Cinder
Marissa Meyer: Scarlet
Marni Mann : Seductive Shadows
Marni Mann : Unblocked - Episode One
Marie Hall : Right Now
Marie Hall : This Time
Marie Mason : Mate of the Alpha
Martin Simons : Jenny Rat
Marquita Valentine : Wish for You
Marissa Farrar : Twisted Dreams
M. Clark : My Clarity
M. Clark : Something Wonderful
M. Clark : Something Forever
Megan Shepherd : The Madman's Daughter
Melanie Moreland : Into The Storm
Melanie Milburne : A Date with her Valentine Doc
Melinda Curtis : Summer Kisses
Melissa Guinn : Headfirst Falling
Melissa Brown : Picturing Perfect
Melissa Brown : Unwanted Stars
Melissa Foster : Slope Of Love & Flames of Love
Melissa Foster : Stroke of Love
Melissa Foster : Game of Love
Melissa Pearl : Fever
Mia Asher : Arsen
Mimi Strong : Stardust
Mimi Strong : Starlight
Mimi Strong : Love and Elephants
Michele G. Miller : Never Let You Fall
Michele G Miller : Never Let You Go
Michele G. Miller : Last Call
Michelle Kemper Brownlow : In Too Deep
Michelle Kemper Brownlow : On Solid Ground
Michelle D. Argyle : Out of Tune
Michelle Douglas : Her Irresistible Protector
Michelle Douglas : Snowbound Surprise of the Billionaire
Mimi Strong : Starfire
Mina Bennett : Shelter Me
Mira Lyn Kelly : Waking Up Pregnant
Missy Johnson : Beautiful Rose & Seduce
Missy Marciassa : Covert Assignment
L.K. Lewis : Bending the Rules
MM Shelly : Murder On Mars
Monica Murphy : One Week Girlfriend


Nadia Simonenko : Chasing Wishes
Natasha Hanova : Edge Of Truth
Nancy Gideon : Prince Of Shadows
Nicola Marsh : Romance For Cynics
Nicole Williams : Mishef in Miami & Scandal in Seattle
Nicole Williams : Damaged Goods
Nina Lemay : Shameless 
Nyrae Dawn : Facade


Ophelia London : Falling for her Soldier
Ophelia London : Love Bites


Pamela Britton : The Texan's Twins
Pamela Gibson  : Kiss of Cabernet
Paula Graves : Two Souls Hollow
Pembroke Sinclair : The Way She Makes Me Feel
Pepper Winters : Tears of Tess
Pepper Winters : Quintessentially Q
Priscilla West : Forbidden Surrender & Secret Surrender & Beautiful Surrender
Priscilla West : Wrecked
Penelope Douglas : Bully
PJ Sharon : On Thin Ice


Rachel K. Burk : Love Bites
Rachel Curtis : Knowing Jack
Rachel Harris : Seven Day Fiance
Rachel Gibson : Run to You
Rachel Van Dyken : Elite
Rachel Van Dyken : Elect
Rachel M Raithby : Lexia
RaeAnne Thayne : A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise
Raine Thomas : Meant for Her
Raine Thomas : For Everly
RaShelle Workman : Touching Melody
Rebecca Yarros : Full Mesures
R.E. Hunter : Undone
Rhonda Helms : One Broke Girl
Richelle Mead : The Indigo Spell
Riley Edgewood : Rock & Release
Robin Bielman : Her Accidental Boyfriend
Robin Bielman : Keeping Mr.Right Now
Roxanne Snopek : Saving the Sheriff
Rucy Ban : All My Life
Ryan Ringbloom : Books, Blogs, & Reality


Sabrina Darby : Entry-Level Mistress
Sally Clements : Racing the Hunters Moons
Sarina Bell : Hold on Tight
Sandra Gore : Isis Erotica
Sara Kocek : Promise Me Something
Sara Fawkes : Breathe Into Me
Sarah M. Ross : Inhale, Exhale
Sarah Daltry : Blue Rose
Savannah Page : When Girlfriends Chase Dreams
Sawyer Bennett : Off Limits
Sawyer Bennett : Forever Young
Sawyer Bennett Off Course
Sawyer Bennett: The Last Call Series: Brody’s Story
Sawyer Bennett : On The Rocks
Sawyer Bennett : Sugar On The Edge
Sawyer Bennett : Alex
Sawyer Bennett : Garrett
Sawyer Bennett : Zack
Sally Clements : Runaway Groom
Scarlet Wilson : English Girl in New York
Scarlet Wilson : Tempted by Her Boss
Season Vining : Beautiful Addictions
Season Vining : Held Against You
S.E Hall : Evolve Series
Sedona Venez : Infinity
Sedona Venez : Breaking The Storm
Sedona Venez : Infinity Unleashed
Sedona Venez : When Lightning Strikes
Serena Bell : Yours to Keep
Serena Bell : Hold on Tight
Shani Struthers : The Runaway Year
Shay Savage : Surviving Raine
Shannon Mayer : Ninety Eight
Shannon Mayer : High Risk Love
Shannon Stacey : Taken with You
Shannyn Schroeder : Her Best Shot
Shirlee McCoy : Her Christmas Guardian
Sierra Dean : Autumn
Sigal Ehrlich : Layers
Silver James : Cowgirls Don't Cry
Silla Webb : Covered In Coal
S.J. Lomas : Dream Girl
S.L. Scott by Good Intentions
S.L. Scott : Good Vibrations
S.K. Falls : Fevered Souls
S.K. Falls : One Last Song
Soraya Lane : The Returning Hero
Stacy Bentley : Serendipity
Stacy Clafflin : Hidden Intentions
Stacey Wallace Benefiel : Found
Stavros : Däm’Um: Song of the Vam Pŷr’s Blood Junky
Stavros : Dead Girl
Stephanie Feagan : Only You
Stephanie Monahan : Mean Girl Apologies
Stephanie Parkins : Anna and the French Kiss
Stifyn Emrys : Identity Break
Stina Lindenblatt : Tell Me When
Storm Grant : Few Are Chosen
S.R. Grey ; I Stand Before You
S.R. Grey : Never Doubt Me
Sylvia Mc.Daniels : The Wanted Brided
Sylvia McNicoll : Crush. Candy. Corpse.
Sugar Jamison : Have Yourself a Curvey Little Christmas
Susan Blexrud : His Fantasy Maid
Susan Bishop Crispell : Love and Cupcakes
Susan Meier : The Twelve Dates of Christmas
Susan Meier : Her Brooding Italian Boss
Suzannah Daniels : Vampire’s Bane
Sydni Powell : Risk Of Falling


Tanya Michaels : The Texan's Christmas
Tara West : Say When
Tara West : Say yes
Tara West : Say Forever
Tara West : Say Please
Taryn Plendl : In My Arms, A Part of Me, Out of My Element
Teresa Mummert : White Trash Beautiful
Teresa DeLayne : Edge of You
Theresa Weir : Geek with the Cat Tattoo
Theresa Meyers : The Geek Billionaire Makeover
Tina Leonard : One Wild Bull Rider
Tina Leonard : The Bull Rider Twins
Tina Leonard: A Family for the Bull Rider
Tracy E. Banghart : Moon Child & By Blood
Trista Jaszczak : Little Red
Trish Milburn : The Doctor's Cowboy
Trish Milburn : Her Cowboy Groom
T. Renee Pike : Never Say Goodbye


Vi Keeland : Worth The Chance
Vi Keeland : Worth Forgiving
Virginia Carmichael : Leaving Liberty
Victoria James : The Doctor's Fake Fiancée
Viv Daniel : Hear Me


Wendy Watson : Once Upon A Wallflower


Zoe Dawson : A Perfect Mess
Zoe Dawson : A Perfect Mistake
Zoe Dawson : A Perfect Dilemma
Zoey Derrick : The Reason Series
Zoya Tessi : Perfect Opposites

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