Friday, February 12, 2016

Review : The Doctor's Valentine Dare

The Doctor's Valentine Dare by Cindy Kirk

Genre: Medical, Romance, Contemporary, Special Edition, Valentines Day
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Published January 19th 2016 by Harlequin 


How to win a girl in five dates 

She says she doesn't date doctors. Ever. But brilliant neurosurgeon Noah Anson is determined to get Josie Campbell to go out with him. Noah never met a situation he couldn't control or a woman he couldn't charm…until Josie. Winning over the beguiling beauty is a challenge he just can't resist!

Long considered the black sheep of her family, Josie is back in Jackson Hole to try to mend fences. And nothing would bring her parents over to her side like her dating a sexy doctor! But not even Josie can resist Noah's tempting proposal of five dates to win her over. By Valentine's Day, Cupid might just have a closer grip on Josie than she'd ever imagined…


For years Cindy felt like she was being pressured by her family to be something she's not. More specifically she was being pressured to become a doctor when she wanted nothing more and to find herself. So for a year she left without a trace to find herself. Now she is back and working on a better relationship for her family that is with the help of Noah Anson. Meanwhile she is going to help him get a better relationship with his sister. Little did they expect the more they are around each other that they would fall for one another.

I thought this book was cute. It was nice, sweet and steamy. I love how their relationship / interaction was between Cindy and Noah. I thought was interesting seeing how they slowly but surely they find a way to reconcile what was between the family members. I thought each of the back stories were interesting. I love that there was the point of view of both characters. The book was very well written and I really enjoyed it, I finished it within one day. Since it's based during Valentines Day this is the perfect time to get your hand on it. I love finding books that can relate to the current holidays / seasons. If you do too and love a bit of romance then check this book out.

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