Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review: Fortune's Perfect Valentine

Fortune's Perfect Valentine by Stella Bagwell

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Special Edition,
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Pages: 224
Published January 19th 2016 by Harlequin



Wes Robinson may be part of the lost Fortune family, but he's more concerned with the fortunes of Robinson Tech. On Valentine's Day, his company will be rolling out a new computer app that will—allegedly—fix users up with their ideal mate. Wes has nothing against amour; he just has no faith in the perfect, lasting kind. He'll take a passionate fling any day. 

Tell that to Vivian Blair, however. Wes's longtime employee with the earnest heart has complete faith that her app will work. So when she and Wes are challenged to use My Perfect Match themselves, it's game on. What follows is a series of dating debacles—and Viv's horrifying suspicion that her Mr. RIght might be her curmudgeonly boss in the cubicle next door…


Vivian is working on an app that'll ask the users a set of questions and come up with suitable mates. Wes has set the app to launch on valentines day, even if he's a skeptic of love that doesn't stop the fact that it'll make him money. When he reveals that he'll be using the app, Vivian is pretty much horrified at the idea knowing full well that he doesn't believe in that sort of thing meanwhile she believes in love.

I liked this book it was unique and fun. So far I've read many books based around Valentines Day and I have to say this is my favorite Valentines Day read. I liked the characters and getting to know them. I loved the chemestry between the two. I loved that after a bit Vivian after all that fun decided she was worth more and didn't continue what what going on between them, that she didn't want to hid things between them. Overall I really enjoyed this book.

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