Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Review : The Definitions of Undefinable Things

Definitions of Undefinable Things by Whitney Taylor

Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Mental Health, Romance, Fiction, Drama
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Pages: 336
Published April 4th 2017 by HMH Books for Young Readers
This heartbreaking, humorous novel is about three teens whose lives intersect in ways they never expected. 

Reggie Mason is all too familiar with "the Three Stages of Depression." She believes she’s unlocked the secret to keeping herself safe: Nobody can hurt you if you never let them in. 

Reggie encounters an unexpected challenge to her misanthropy: a Twizzler-chomping, indie film-making narcissist named Snake. Snake’s presence, while reassuring, is not exactly stable—especially since his ex-girlfriend is seven months pregnant. As Reggie falls for Snake, she must decide whether it’s time to rewrite the rules that have defined her.

I've been stalling big time when it came to the review because honestly I didn't like this book much. I don't like writing reviews on books that I don't really like at all. All I can really thing is that this book was just okay. Not really something I'd recommend but do check it out and form your own opinion. What I might not like might be your favorite book so don't let my opinion stop you from picking up this book. The characters where good, I really loved how Reggie's character was quiet blunt, not the type of person who won't say what she really thinks. The one thing I do appreciate and thought was interesting was how depression was shown in the book, it really was realistic. I mean I read other books about characters that mention tid bits / stereotypes that the character with depression has and it doesn't really show. This book it was clear that they had their set of issues and it was interesting seeing how everything did eventually turn out. Overall this book was okay but just not something that I was really into.

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