Monday, December 12, 2016

Review : White Christmas for the Single Mom

White Christmas for the Single Mom by Susanne Hamptons

Genre: Medical, Holidays, Romance, Contemporary,
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Published December 1st 2016 by Harlequin Medical Romance
Temptation under the mistletoe

Specialist Juliet Turner flies halfway across the world to England with her young daughter, Bea, to perform lifesaving in utero surgery. But her first white Christmas is complicated by the feelings awakened by ob-gyn Dr. Charlie Warren!

Juliet has protected her heart for years, but she soon finds there's so much more to this closed-off widower than meets the eye. Perhaps it's time for them both to let go of the past, surrender to their burning chemistry and make this a Christmas to remember!

Juliet is sent to England with her daughter in tow to see about performing a life saving procedure to a expectant mother when one of the quadruplets life might be in danger. Dr.Charlie Warren is their ob-gyn and the couple trusts him and his judgment, but Juliet is there to give the family a different option so they can choose what they need.

I've managed to finish this book sooner then I thought I would. I managed to finish this book in about two hours. I really enjoyed the two main characters and seeing their strong personalities come together to create conflict between the two. I loved that even if it was a rocky start they were able to work together professionally even if they saw the situation at hand from two different spectrums. I also loved how sweet Charlie Warren was towards Juliets daughter. Overall this was a sweet book and I enjoyed it.

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