Thursday, December 29, 2016

Review : The Cowboy's Twins

The Cowboy's Twins by Tara Taylor Quinn

Genre: Clean, Western, Family Life, Heartwarming, Romance, 
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Pages: 368
Expected publication: January 3rd 2017 by Harlequin
It looked so good on camera… 

If it weren't for the money, Spencer Longfellow would happily drive Natasha Stevens and her TV crew right off his ranch. But his land, and his kids, mean the world to him—and he'll do anything to secure their future. Even cohost Natasha's cooking show, Family Secrets, in his barn. Even play the token hunky cowboy to her sophisticated city slicker and flirt with her on national television. It could never amount to anything real anyway. After all, he was fooled and left in the dust by a city girl once. And he will never let that happen to him—or his kids—again.

Spencer longfellow isn't thrilled bout having Natasha and the TV Crew on his ranch but money is tight and he needs to look out of his mischievous twins. Now he has to play co host to Natasha's show Family Secrets and has to seem more playful, and flirt with Natasha on screen. But lines are blurring and its hard to see if this flirtation / attraction is more then just acting. He knows to keep his heart in check because he once be burnned before by a city girl and doesn't want that heart ache for him or his kids.

I liked this book, it was a bit slow paced for my taste but its nice to slow down when it comes to reading sometimes. I liked the characters getting to know Spencer's backstory on his life growing up, and how the twins came into his life to make him the man he is in the book. Then heres Natasha's side of things where she comes from a different lifestyle and upbringing and it was interesting how they made as a pair. I thought it was interesting seeing how Spencer had when it came to parenting style and how he tried his best to make sure that the children stick to the rules he placed and not change them when it came to the show. This book was well written, the story line was interesting and this book was an overall sweet book I really enjoyed.

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