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Goodbye 2016! ( Favorites & Opinions )

I should've posted this post earlier but sometimes life gets busy or to be honest I was reading. Regardless I managed to come up with a list of things that really stood out this year for me. From books that got me out of my comfort zones, retellings, movie to book adaptations, and the most bizarre book that I've come across this year. So tell me below what was your favorite book this year? What is the most bizarre book you've read this year I'd really like to know? What in general is your favorite book to movie adaptation?

This was the year that I've actually ventured out of my comfort zone and tried out different new genres.

Gemina is book two in the Illuminae Files Trilogy and It was by far my favorite book in the series. In fact my favorite book of the year! Not only is there an unusual writing style a set of photos, emails, and random information to create such an interesting story. With the audiobook enhancing the experience its like your being dropped right into the middle of a movie I don't know how else to explain it. It was by far my most favorite reading experience and I'd recommend you do the same.

I've never read a book that involved time travel, its just not something I find myself drawn to at all. Usually within minutes I'll lose interest. I had heard so much about this book and I'm a sucker for pretty covers. So I decided to take a chance on Passenger by Alexandra Bracken.The story was pretty fantastic it kept me hooked from the very start with the interesting set of diverse characters. This book went places that I never expected and I loved it.

It's been almost a year since I read this book and it made a lasting impression in my mind. I've read so many books this year and unless it really strikes me I'll probably forget it. I read 304 books year and there is no way I would've remember every single book that I've come across. But this book left a lasting impression. I can't wait till the next book comes out!

Made You Up was such a pleasant surprise. See it was a cover pick again and I never read the synopsis so I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up the book. Thing is I didn't even know it when I was reading that it was a book with a subject I've never come across schizophrenia. It was interesting seeing the main character battle with what's real or not leaving the readers to question everything. I've been meaning to try different book with diverse subjects such as characters of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds , mental health books and such.

My Sister Rosa it was such a mind Flip. I will admit that at some times it droned an on waiting for something to happen for which Che was accusing of his sister Rosa. This book was a thriller. Rosa is a angel faced cutie with a creepy streak but what is revealed at the ending of the book had my mind blown. I couldn't believe it! Which is why it ended up as one of my favorites of this year.

Favorite Retellings Read This Year

These were among my favorite retelling that I've read this far. I love the fact that there was a bit of genderswap when it came to the characters in A Study in Charlotte and how there was pretty much the descendants of the original Sherlock and Watson duo. The story was pretty interesting and I loves getting to see how they solved the mystery that was going to get them in trouble if it wasn't solved. That ending was a great twist and I really enjoyed how this book turned out. 

Then there was Everland, I would've never known or even picked up this book if it wasn't for my steam punk Owlcrate box. First off the book cover has a sort of steam punky Fairy on the cover and although that over is beautiful that one little detail would've turned me off of this book. But when I found out that it was a Peter Pan retelling I was intrigued then it was a steam punk elements going on that I was sold. When I read this book I couldn't put it down and kept raving about this book to everyone I could. Loved it!

As for The Name of the Star and Stalking Jack the Ripper the cover is what drawn me to both books. Until I read these two book I never even read anything that related to Jack the Ripper and after reading them it got me hooked. Now I search around for any book that I can come across that has Jack the Ripper in it. Jack the Ripper is the only thing that's in common to these two very different books. The Name of the Star is a modern book about girl going to a boarding school and has a with a near death experience that has caused her to be able to ghosts. With murders similar to Jack the Ripper style, she with the help of some odd fellows help to find the murder and bring him to justice. As for Stalking Jack the Ripper its a historical fiction. Audrey the main character seems to have a interest in death and with the help of her odd uncle with autopsy - Stuff that isn't seen good for a lady her age. Jack the Ripper seems to be roaming the streets and when her Uncle is seen as a suspect she tries to help out to figure who Jack the Ripper really is and solve this case. Overall both really stuck with me and I loved them, and now anytime I come across anything related to Jack the Ripper I get it.

Favorite Book To Movie Adaptations


When it came to Fantastic Beasts I was pleasantly surprised when I read the book, only to later on watch the movie it was just as the book said. That's the thing about books to movies they always seem to change to suit the directors needs and chop up a book to were its unrecognizable. This book wasn't the case it was just as amazing as the book was. Now that I'm writing this I'm actually in the mood to watch the movie again.

As for Me Before You, the book was lovely. Highly detailed with great set of characters and backgrounds.There was so much to love about the book. Then there was the movie. Even though it stuck to the whole point of the book I wished the movie would've delved deeper into the characters and the pasts to show why they did certain things in the book. Or more about Louisa's life and how they was pretty much the sole provider and her family life. One positive thing that came out was the fact that this year I was able to meet the author JoJo Moyes and person Emilia Clark who plays Louisa Clark.

Most Bizarre book of the year

This book had to be the most bizarre book that I had read this year. Truly. It's about cannibals and that's all that needs to be said.

When I first came across it I was a bit turned off by the cover it seemed to give off a Addams Family vibe. As much as I liked that movie I wasn't sure I was going to be into the book. It really was the aspect of it being a book about a family of Cannibals. I'm pretty sure its a contemporary, but with a cannibalistic twist. I love getting to see how this family lives and seeing if they truly are like their name Savages. Overall it was a pretty good I'd rate this book like a 3.5 stars and curious to see whats in store for the next book!

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