Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review : The Doctor's Baby Secret

The Doctor's Baby Secret by Scarlet Wilson

Genre: Medical Romance, Harlequin, Contemporary
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Published May 2016 by Harlequin Enterprises LTD
Expecting the astronaut’s baby!
Dr Corrine Carter’s job as medical adviser heats up when daredevil Austin Mitchell joins the astronaut training programme. And it’s soon clear their chemistry is hotter than a Texas summer!
For all his cheeky self-confidence, gorgeous Austin makes this relationship-shy doctor feel out of this world. So when their sizzling fling has an unexpected consequence, does Corrine dare to dream of a home and a future with her star-bound pilot…?
I love the cover I think its pretty very and all and it suits the title of the book. My only problem that the title in general doesn't match the book at all. I mean the only time a baby was mentioned was when you're already 80% into the book. Other then that this book had sweetness between Corrine and Austin. I loved that banter that happens between the two, they were opposites butting heads but they found love in each other and was sweet. I thought Austins backstory was interesting and why he chose the career that he was in and I loved his choice in the end how it turned out. Overall I thought that this book was pretty good and I enjoyed it. The only thing throwing me off is that title.

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