Thursday, December 3, 2015

Review : A Cowboy's Christmas Reunion

A Cowboy's Christmas Reunion by Sasha Summers

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Harlequin, Holidays, Christmas, American Romance, 
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Published September 24th 2015 by Mills & Boon
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A Happy Reunion? 

Way back when, Hunter Boone thought he and Josie Stephens had something that would last forever. Then she got her ticket out of town and took off—alone. The hurt nearly tore him apart. By the time Josie realized she'd made a mistake, Hunter had already married. 

Now Josie's back in Stonewall Crossing, and while instant fire flares between them, she can't come between the now single dad and his son. As the whole town gets ready for Christmas, Josie finds it hard to avoid Hunter. No matter how much he tempts her with the promise of a future together, she has to tell herself—for her own survival—that relationships just aren't her thing… 


Josie is back to her hometown to help out her father. All though her life she went though seeing her mother go in out out of relationships like its going out of style leaving her with relationship issues. At least she had her loving father around. The problem is now that shes back she has to deal with seeing a man she loved and knowing he had a wife and kid. Its pretty obvious that the flames that they once had is flaring up. After learning how relationships are by her mother Josie doesn't think she can handle trying to get close to him again.

First off not much of a holiday book. It could've been placed at anytime at all and wouldn't have changed the book. I thought that there would be more holiday stuff going on being that it says christmas in the title. I'm searching out for more holiday books to recommend while the holiday books are out which is the only reason that I'm pointing this out. Other then that this is your basic second chances book, with a bit of drama and steam going on. I wished that there was more to the book then just what happened so I'm going to rate this book 3 stars. The storyline was interesting, this book was well written but I wished that there was more to this book. I feel like I've read many story's likes this and wanted more from it to make it unique. Overall it was a nice story and I did enjoy it.

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