Sunday, December 22, 2013

Twisted (Torn #2)

Twisted by K.A. Robinson

(Torn #2)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, College, Music, Abuse, Realistic Fiction, Death
Age Group: New Adult
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Chloe and Drake have found their happily ever after... Almost.

When Chloe's mother comes back into her life with a bang, it sets off a chain of events no one could have ever expected. Everyone has their demons, and Chloe and Drake's hit them with a vengence.

Sex, drugs, money, a crazy ex, and Rock n Roll.... Can they survive it all?

Things are beginning to feel a bit... Twisted.

My Thoughts:

Chloe and Drake after so much drama are finally together. When Chloe's mother shows up things start to get a little twisted. Chloe ends up finding out that a loving aunt is on her deathbed and with the harassment of her mother goes to her aunts house. Meanwhile Drake and his band are on tours. Chloe just can't seem to catch a break when things happen she can never seem to get a hold of Drake and she ends up leaning on the shoulder of an old friend that Drake is jealous of.

I just loved that there was much going on that there was never a dull moment. Even if some situations were predictable I loved how the story turned out. I loved that there was so much drama. I hated the way Drake was in this book and I liked that Chloe was strong  enough to call a stop when things were getting to hard. I liked that Chloe stuck to her relationship and what she believes in. Like most of the comments you'll probably come across what was annoying about this book was that a lot of people seemed to like Chloe and it was just hard to believe. This book was well written. I loved the ending turned out, with no loose ties. Highly Recommend!

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