Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reckless Secrets

Reckless Secrets by Gina Robinson

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Book Two of the Reckless Series
Everyone Has a Secret

At nineteen, Ellie Martin is finally happy. Deliriously, delightfully, delectably happy. Her junior year in college, while not without some major issues, is turning out better than she ever dreamed. She's finally found closure to a question that has bothered her for as long as she can remember. She's even been able to put some serious distance between herself and her twisted mother. Best of all, she's in love with the hot, handsome, and mysterious Logan Walker.

If only she could share with Logan the one thing she must keep secret. The one relationship that, if he finds out about it, will blow apart everything that brings her happiness.

Even as Ellie and Logan learn to open up to each other, even as they get closer than they've ever gotten to anyone else before, the reckless secrets they're holding on to may just be the thread that unravels everything.

My Thoughts:

"Secrets have a way of find the light." 
Logan and Ellie are together but as the secrets and lies start to slowly come to light things become strained. Will they be able to work through it all or will it crack under the pressure.
"Why is there always a downside to happiness?"
I loved this books. For those of you who haven't read the previous book Reckless Longing I highly recommend you readers to check out this book and then check this book out. I loved that there was so much going on, bunch of drama to keep to keep the readers interested. I enjoyed watching a bunch of the secrets hiding reveal itself. I was surprised towards the end of how it turned out. Loved the characters. Still hate Ellie's mother. Overall I enjoyed this book.

If I had to choose which book I liked better it would be the first book. There was just more of everything when it come to it. I would love to elaborate on that but I don't want to ruin the book. I wouldn't call this book absolutely amazing but I still really enjoyed this book and recommend you readers to check it out.
"I felt lighter, like a burden had lifted. My experience with Austin had taught me about forgiveness and making genuine apologies. All i could do was apologize and take responsibility for my part. Whether Logan forgave me or not was totally up to him"

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