Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Review: The Doctor's Secret Son

The Doctor's Secret Son by Janice Lynn

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Medical Romance, 
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Pages: 256
Published July 1st 2017 by Harlequin Medical Romances
 The truth about that night… 
Nurse Chrissie Tomberlain never thought she'd see the unforgettable Dr. Trace Stevens, father of her little boy, again. She hadn't heard from him in four years, but then he shows up at a charity event and offers her another night of unbridled, no-strings passion! 
Driven by his own demons, nomadic Trace has been saving lives in the world's most war-torn places. He's never wanted to put down roots, but then beautiful Chrissie turns his whole life upside down with one incredible revelation—he's a father!
Nurse Chrissie had a fling with Dr.Trace Steven but it turned into something more a few months later when she had a child. Its been four years since then and she didn't expect to see him again. Its pretty obvious the attraction is still there as they share another brief encounter but Chrissie knows she has to let Trace in on the fact that he fathered a child.

This is pretty standard one nightstands leading into pregnancy situations and getting a second chance kinda thing that I enjoy reading. Its over done for the most part with these books but I guess you'd call it a guilty pleasure of mine. If you your not into sappy predictable stories then your not going to want to pick this book up but if you enjoy that kinda thing like I do then you'll want to pick this book up. One thing I can say that I haven't come across is Chrissie's back story which I do appreciate. I loved getting to see Trace step up when he needed to and I loved that he was willing to at least try to be a parent. Overall it was predictable but still enjoyable to me.

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