Sunday, June 11, 2017

Review : Pregnant with the Boss's Baby

Pregnant with the Boss's Baby by Sue MacKay

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Medical Romance
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Pages: 256
Published June 1st 2017 by Harlequin Medical Romances

One unexpected night
ED nurse Tamara Washington had everything—until her life was publicly destroyed by her ex. She's hidden herself away ever since, focusing only on her patients. Then one hot night with her boss, Dr. Conor Maguire, upends her world again. 
With consequences! 
Now Tamara is pregnant and Conor faces being a father, something he never anticipated. But if they face their fears together, maybe they could become a family, because with Tamara in his arms, anything seems possible.
Tamara was thrown in for a look when she finds that her ex was taking advantage of her while she vulnerable leaving her publicly ruined. Shes on a mission to make something of herself out of the public eye and is working as a nurse. Things get complicated when she spends the night with Dr.Conor Maguire that leads with her being pregnant. 

I come across a lot of books like this with a similar theme and this book pretty much fit the bill. It did have its minor differences but still enjoyable all the same. I thought it was interesting seeing the backgrounds for both characters and seeing why Tamara was guarded and why Dr.Conor wasn't looking for anything serious. Overall it was pretty good and I enjoyed it.

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