Friday, February 3, 2017

Review : Their Meant-To-Be Baby

Their Meant-To-Be Baby by Caroline Anderson

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Medical Romance, 
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Unexpectedly pregnant!

Having discovered her night with surgeon Sam Ryder had unexpected consequences, Kate Ashton is left reeling when he walks into her emergency department. Now she'll have to tell this "emotionally broken" man she's been belatedly warned about that she's pregnant!

Sam's feelings might be frozen, but he wants to be a dad. When Kate reveals she's afraid of becoming a mom, her heartrending story opens Sam's heart. He must convince Kate to give them a chance. This baby was meant to be--perhaps their love is, too...

Kate and Sam had just one night together but after a few misunderstanding it was pretty much a given that they wouldn't see eachother again after that night. Little did Kate expect that the same guy would be working as a surgeon at the same place she works, on top of that shes pregnant. Now she got to break the news and see what will become of them.

So I've read plenty of books like this and somehow this book managed to find itself some unique times to make it different. I liked the characters and getting to know their backstories to understand who they are as they are now. I thought it was interesting getting to see them handle certain situation and how they solved things together. Overall this book was really enjoyable. I manged to finish this book it a 2 hour sitting and will definitely say that it was fast paced and enjoyable.

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