Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review : The Bull Rider's Cowgirl

The Bull Rider's Cowgirl by April Arrington

Genre: Western, Contemporary, Romance, 
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Pages: 224
Published: January 3rd 2017 by Harlequin Western Romance

Jen Taylor is this close to becoming a world-champion barrel racer. But when tragedy strikes bull rider Colt Mead, she puts her ambitions on hold temporarily. The playboy of the circuit suddenly has a child depending on him. She can't let her friend go it alone no matter how much he hurt her

Colt knew Jen deserved better than a rootless bull rider. But caring for his orphaned half sister makes him realize how much he wants to be part of a family. And that family won't be complete without the woman he loves as much more than a friend. Will she give up her dream to be part of his?

Jen is a barrel racer and is so close to success of winning is so close she could taste it, she sacrificed so much for this. Colt Mead a friend and bullrider shes close to had a death in the family that leaves him going back to see his 9-year-old sister she joins him for support its only supposed to be a weekend, and she deserves some rest. Little did she expect to care for him and his family causing her to long for family life, the family life she left in order to succeed as a barrel racer.

I thought that this was a pretty good book. The characters were interesting enough, I liked getting that bit of background for both characters creating a bit of depth for them. I love seeing Colt warm up to the idea of having his sister in his life for more then just visits. I thought it was interesting getting to see the kind of sacrifice that Jen made to get where she is at and how it all worked out in the end. I liked seeing that attraction between Jen and Colt and how they eventually settled things overall a pretty good book. I enjoyed it.

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