Monday, December 26, 2016

Review : A Fortune in Waiting

A Fortune in Waiting by Michelle Major

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, 
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Pages: 224
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Published December 20th 2016 by Harlequin Special Edition

Even in a town as eclectic as Austin, Keaton Fortune Whitfield stands out. With his dreamy British accent and his slate-blue eyes, he has captured the fancy of every red-blooded Texas female in town except one. Francesca Harriman, his favorite waitress at Lola May's, seems completely immune to his charms. When she's not on her shift, she's too busy studying to pay attention to him which only makes him want her more.

Francesca has been burned before, and she won't let the Londoner melt her heart. What would a brilliant, wealthy architect want with a commoner like her? She's not about to abandon her schooling to become Keaton's catch of the day. Could a hash-slinging waitress really find happiness with a 


Francesca has had her heart broken and seems to be having a hard time not falling for Keaton Fortune and his heart stopping accent. Meanwhile women seems to be drawn to him except the one waitress who seems to be immune to his charm, of course shes the one who catches his eyes.

I enjoyed this sweet romance. After her last incident of a boyfriend Francesa is back on her feet working on schooling, working and trying to make something of herself. I loved that she wasn't willing to just jump for the next guy who came her way she tried to keep that guard up. I loved seeing the back stories to both characters. It made them more complex and it was easy to understand the choices they made throughout the book. The storyline was good, the characters I loved them. The overall book and romance were great I really enjoyed this book.

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