Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review : Big Sky Showdown

Big Sky Showdown by Sharon Dunn

Genre: Love Inspired, Suspense, 
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Pages: 224
Expected Publication : January 3rd 2017 by Love Inspired Suspense Large Print

When Heather Jacobs climbs a Montana mountain to pay respects to her late father, the last thing she expects is to be running for her life. But she's living a real-life cat-and-mouse chase, trying to escape a punishing foe from her guide Zane Scofield's past. How can a California city girl help outwit a ruthless criminal dead set on scouring the wilderness to kill them? Though Zane knows their pursuer and his nefarious motives far too well, he's not sure why the man is after him now. Only his wits and an unlikely partner in the determined woman fighting beside him can save them. But Zane's also battling a past that's threatening to swallow him whole and take Heather along with him.

With Zane has her guid Heather only job after the death of her father is to sell her father's company and spread some ashes. Little did both of them know that old doomsday sort of cult that Zane had a past with is back in town and they are going to be running for their lives.

I really enjoyed this fast paced book. It was full of twists and turns and great characters. I loved that Heather wasn't the sort of women who when captured waited for someone to help her. Things got tough and she made sure to get her out of many situations and also managed to help Zane out a couple of times. I thought it was interesting getting to know Zanes past and how it played out to what was happening in this book. I thought it was interesting getting that part where there was a family issue. I really loved that there was so much going on in this book to keep things interesting. Plus there wasn't a romance in this book which was a unexpected change usually a suspenseful book like this I come across have their moments of passion but this book didn't have it and didn't need it. Overall a pretty great book I really enjoyed it.

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