Thursday, December 22, 2016

Review : Classified Christmas Mission

Classified Christmas Mission by Lynette Eason

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Clean, Wholesome, Romance,
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Pages: 288
Published December 6th 2016 by Love Inspired
Undercover Guardian 

Days before Christmas, CIA agent Amber Starke is on the run with her murdered best friend's special-needs son. And they're next on his criminal father's hit list. Amber failed her undercover mission to bring down her friend's husband for his crimes, but she won't fail to protect her friend's son. Now that the killer knows she's not just a nanny but an agent, she must rely on her childhood crush, Deputy Lance Goode. The handsome lawman was burned in love by his first wife, who was killed while evading the law. But he'll do everything he can to help Amber, except offer his heart. Unlocking the secrets in Amber's autistic charge is the key to their survival, but with the killer on their trail, one mistake could cost them their lives.

Amber is a CIA agent on the run when her best friend was killed and has her friends autistic son safe with her. Amber believes that her mission is compromised and needs to keep this child safe but needs the funds to continue running so she heads to her home town to pick up some money, little did she know was that she was follow and is now being hunted by the people responsible for her friends death. With the help of a cop who managed to help her out shes needs to find the people responsible for everything that's going on and keep out of danger.

I loved this book, there was constantly things going on to keep things interesting. I loved getting to see a bit of the autistic kid and how they portrayed him, I have a autistic brother and so I was hoping that the author would be fair with the portrayal of the character which I was glad for. Once or twice I come across a autistic character and they are so stereotypical and not accurate that it actually bothers me but the portrayal of the kid in this book was fair and I loved that. I liked that this book was clean, so if that's something you look in a book then you'll want to pick this book up. Its also very heavy on the christian faith talking about god and such and while that's not something I normally like I think many of you readers out there might appreciate that. I loved that this book was very action packed with so much going on that it's hard to step away form this book because some new problem or some thing hidden is revealed and your not going to want to miss it. Overall this was pretty good book I really enjoyed it!

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