Thursday, November 24, 2016

Review : John's Love

John's Love by J.J. Valentine

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult, Christian, 
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Pages: 89

One thousand years have passed in the heavens, marking the beginning of the Trial period. For every one thousand years, two soul mates are chosen to be reborn in order to test their love and faith through the trials and tribulations of life’s false reality.

John and Sarah are chosen.

The rebirth of soul mates is to go as planned: not a single soul shall remember the other until fate, inevitably, pulls them together. But from the sound of Sarah’s laughter, as John walks past her one day after school, fate is suddenly placed into his hands, as his love for her is so strong it breaks all laws and reminds him of whom she is.

So I just found out that my cousin wrote a book and didn't say a word about it and decided to see first had if its good.

Basicly John and Sarah are soulmates that are sent down back on earth to test their love and faith. As humans they are to find one another and continue the love they had in past lives without even knowing it. Thing is John remembers the past and as her goes through life his faith and the love they have is tested.

First of all it started too quickly, it was pretty rushed in the beginning. I'm not a fan of love at first sight kinda stories. But being that this is a novella I guess things much go on at a faster pace so its fine. When it comes to this book only the main brief points in their lives only really show. When it came to the main parts it would've been nice if it slowed down a bit, get to know more about the characters. See more of why they love each other rather then that insta love thing. I found it hard to accept they loved eachother because I didn't see much going on between them. I wished I got to know more about the two main characters in general, about their lives to make them more likeable the book just kind of skims the surface with the two. I did love the fact that there was multiple point of views and side notes in the book to make it more interesting. If your a Christian you'll love this book, its all about love and faith. I'm not Christian, so wasn't much of a fan of that aspect because it was a very large part of the book was on faith but I'm not one to give up a book solely on that.I think the story line was pretty good and I did end up enjoyed this book.

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