Friday, November 25, 2016

Review: Runaway Colton

Runaway Colton by Karen Whiddon

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense,
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Pages: 288
Published November 1st 2016 by Harlequin
In the newest Coltons of Texas romance, a woman framed for a heinous crime falls for the man who must bring her safely home 

Wrongfully accused of masterminding her adoptive father's disappearance, Piper Colton needs answers. So she leaves the family ranch behind to embark on a dangerous mission…but she's not alone for long. Her brother enlists the help of Cord Maxwell—a local bounty hunter—to ensure his sister's safe return. But Cord has an agenda of his own, and it's not just to avoid falling for the Colton beauty! He promises to help her in exchange if she'll help him track down his runaway niece—and stay with him. It's an offer she cannot resist and a powerful attraction she cannot deny

Pipers adoptive father goes missing and there's evidences of blood on a shirt her owns in her room. It isn't much to convict her but that's all everyone got, now its assumed that he is dead and it seems like shes behind it. Meanwhile Piper knows she wouldn't hurt a fly let alone her own loving adoptive father and is seeking help from Cord to find out what really happened.On the other side Cord is looking for his niece and Pipers brother seeing for his help to find her gives him an extra job he's less then thrilled to be doing.

Ok so I liked this book it was good. Honestly I was looking for a bit more with a book like this plenty could've been done to make this a mystery / suspense book. There was little going on when it came to looking for the father or at least what happened to him. There wasn't much going on with the mystery / suspense aspect of finding the father, or much leads. There was plenty of accusations of who it could be but there wasn't much to go on that front. Then there's the mystery of where Cord's niece went and it was pretty much a day long search so the mystery there wasn't much. Overall this was a pretty good romance book I did like that part between Cord and Piper but its not so much when it comes to the suspense part.

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