Monday, October 3, 2016

Review :Swept Away By the Seductive Stranger

Swept Away By the Seductive Stranger by Amy Andrews

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Harlequin
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Pages: 192
When that guy on the train turns out to be your boss!

Nurse Felicity Mitchell's train journey of a lifetime is even more unforgettable when she meets Callum Hollingsworth. Neither is looking for temptation, but that doesn't stop them from sharing one hot, wild night!

Except when they disembark, they learn that what happened on the train won't stay on the train. Because the gorgeous stranger is Flick's new boss...and it's increasingly difficult to keep their chemistry under control and leave it at just one night!

Felicity decides to have a fling on the train while she is on vacation.Away from the prying eyes of her own that is likely to judge her. Little did she knew that same guy would be working with her for a couple months.

I enjoyed this book. I loved getting to know the characters and their backstories. Getting that backstory really helped me appreciate the characters more and understand were they maybe comeing from in certain situation of the book. I loved the connection and heat between Felicity and Callum. I loved that Felicity was able to help Callum open his eyes to the things around him, just because its his job to be a doc doesn't mean he should be so cold. I thought this story was well written and I enjoyed it. The one thing I don't like is that title of the book its a bit of a mouthful. 

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