Friday, September 2, 2016

Review : Reunited with his Runaway Bride

Reunited with his Runaway Bride by Robin Gianna

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Medical Romance, Harlequin
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Pages: 256
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Published September 1st 2016 by Harlequin Medical Romance
Brought back together by a baby

It broke Dr. Bree Donovan's heart to end things with family-orientated surgeon Sean Latham, but marriage and kids are not for her. Only, now Sean is asking her to help care for his newborn nephew while his sister is in hospital, and Bree can't say no.

It's temporary, but as Bree experiences how rewarding family life can be--and gives in to the passion she and Sean have always shared--is it possible for her to believe that this time around they really could have it all?

Doctor Bree isn't the family type its one of the reasons she couldn't stay with her ex. She loves her job, and surfing and is about to relocate to Hawaii things are looking good for her. After a car accident that leaves her ex needing her help with caring for his newborn nephew things start to heat up between the two.

I liked this book, it was short, sweet and heartwarming. I liked the relationship between Bree and Sean. I liked getting to see Bree slowly warm up to the idea of children or at least to his newphew. I liked it wasn't an babylove thing where all things start to stop now that a baby was temporarily in her life where she suddently doesn't have a life and is all baby all the time. I've come across way too many books like that. It's amazing how many characters loose their personality when a baby is involved in the books where the babies are temporary. Bree still enjoyed surfings and stuff she normally enjoyed, even if it delayed a bit of her time it didn't stop her plans. Not sure what else but say but this was a sweet romance and I really enjoyed reading this.

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