Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review : Ambush at Dry Gulch

Ambush at Dry Gulch by Joanna Wayne

Genre: Westerns, Intrigue, Suspense, Romance, Cowboys
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Pages: 256
Published: June 21st 2016 by Harlequin
Cowboy to the core 

Jake Dalton believes in worthy causes—like opening his Texas ranch to inner-city kids for the summer. But there's a catch…that involves a woman. Dedicated do-gooder Carolina Lambert can hold her own against any man…Jake included. Except now someone with a nasty grudge who's been waiting for the perfect moment to strike has the beautiful widow in his sights.

R.J. Dalton's estranged son is the last man on earth Carolina wants to trust with her life. But the rugged single father has sworn to keep her safe. As passion ignites—and a killer closes in—Carolina and Jake may lose their chance at a love neither expected to find again.

When it came to this book there was more enough drama and suspense to keep the readers. Infact I think there was just too much. After all that suspense, I was hoping for a bit more action with the ex, then what happened. I was constantly waiting for more to happen but it didnt. There was that spark between Jake and Carolina that was nice enough. But that's all it was to me just nice. Overall this was a good read just wished that was more going on.

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