Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review : Rock-a-Bye Rescue

Rock-a-Bye Rescue by Beth Cornelison

Pages : 228
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Two babies in jeopardy…two powerful stories in one! 

When an unhinged cult leader escapes custody, he'll stop at nothing to get to two innocent babies…and the foster mothers who stand in his way.

Guarding Eve by Beth Cornelison

Lila Green goes from foster mom to bodyguard when a storm traps her and six-month-old Eve in a remote mountain cabin with a killer on their heels. Can her neighbor, wounded veteran Dean Hamilton, help them survive?


Lila is a foster parent with news that her new foster child, Eve, was a connected to a cult and that the child is on a hitlist. Meanwhile someone from her past Dean, comes right in time t help out when they realize that the person who is after them is near by.

I loved this book it was short, it was suspenseful, and fun to read. When I read this book which is well over during the holidays, I'm pressed for time. So I can appreciate that the author was able to make so much out of so little pages is amazing. There was multiple point of views, including the cult member. There was a bit of action. There was interesting backstories making the characters more complex. Great storyline, well written. I loved this book and recommend you lovely readers to put this on your tbr list.

Claiming Caleb by Karen Whiddon

Michelle Morgan must protect her newborn nephew, Caleb—and even work with her ex-fiancé. FBI agent Garrett Ware never wanted children, but now he'll sacrifice everything for this baby…and this woman. 


Connecting to the previous story with the cult children. Caleb is also a child taken away from the cult and placed with his aunt Michelle. Little did Michelle an old flame would be at her doorstep as a agent looking out for her safety when the cult leader is out for his child and will take out anyone in his path.

I loved it. Like the second one there are great characters, multiple point of views and an interesting suspenseful storyline keeping the readers on their toes. Great story to read when you are pressed for time or at any time at all I really enjoyed it. I loved the connection, the drama and heat between the two. I thought it was interesting getting Michelle's take being that she had a sister in and knowing her past and the question of why her sister even joined the cult. Overall I thought that this was a great book really enjoyed it.

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