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Review : The Year of Falling in Love

The Year of Falling in Love by Jessica Sorensen

Genre : Contemporary, Romance, New Adult,
Pages: 198
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Isabella Anders just found out Lynn and her dad want to send her to a reform school. But with the help of Grandma Stephy, Isa’s dad agrees to let her move in with her grandma. 

Isa is more than relieved to be moving out. And after going on an unofficial date with Kyler, she wonders if maybe her life is starting to turn around. But then she discovers the truth about what really happened to her mother.

Not ready to fully accept that her mother is a murderer, Isa turns to Kai for help. Kai is more than willing to help, but to protect Isa, he keeps some of the more brutal details about her mother’s case to himself until he can find out more.

But when a mysterious blue car starts showing up everywhere, and Isa receives a threatening text message from an unknown caller, Kai realizes someone is dead set on destroying Isa. And he might not be able to protect her.


To be honest this book just seemed to be more about Isa's confusion about her relationship with both Kai and Kyler. That and throw in a bit of suspense wondering who really is following her and the mystery that is her mother. I knew that there was going to be confusion between the brother but I was hoping for more drama when it came to her mother, not much happened in that part.

So basicly this second book is about Isa being told her was going to reform school and ended up staying with her grandmother instead. Until she sees her grandmother Kyler will. Then there's Kai on the side earning money doing some sketchy stuff and ended up land himself in a bit of trouble and Isa and Indigo end up helping him out. Throughout the story Isa notices a blue car has been on her tail and doesn't feel safe and Kai is trying to crack a code that the sketchy dude gave him to find out more info in Isa's mother.

Now it's in more detail then that but don't want to give the book away, I enjoyed the book hoped more out of with the more part like I said before but that's ok. This book made up for it by causing a bit of trouble with Isa's love life. I wish Isa would just give up Kyler he seems like a d-bag who could just be using her and Kai has been there for her and I really like his character. I really loved that things are starting to heat up for each other in a clean way. I really love Isa's grandma she is just a fun and laidback character. I also am very curious about Indigo, can't wait to see what happens with her. Like many of the authors books there's always that branch off of characters from main books and I'm almost sure Indigo has a story that I can't wait for. So far so goo3d I look forward to seeing whats in store for the next book.

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