Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review : A Daddy for Baby Zoe?

A Daddy for Baby Zoe? by Fiona Lowe

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Medical Romance
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Pages: 256
Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romances


A baby to bind them  
Weeks away from giving birth, Dr. Meredith Dennison finds herself with no husband and few funds. Retreating to Shearwater Island, she just wants to hide from the world…until she meets her gorgeous, caring neighbor, multimillionaire Raf Camilleri. 
Meredith is the last woman Raf should fall for. He's no more ready for her and newborn baby Zoe than Meredith is for him! But they so need his support, and their tender pull makes it impossible for Raf to stay away…


Meredith just lost her husband and left to raise their child on her own. After all thats going on shes looking for a bit of an escape. Little did she expect to care deeply for the next door neighbors. As things heat up shes left to face difficult choices. Its as though shes been just jetting around when things get complicated and faced with a new prospect of love. 

 I enjoyed this book. I loved how understanding and caring Rafe and his father was. Well everyone in general was nice. I liked how the two connected with each other and how well they matched. I liked getting to know a bit more about Rafe and thought his backstory was a bit interesting. I liked seeing Rafe and his fathers relationship improve. I thought that this was a sweet and heart warming book with hope for a second chance at love. Overall a nice story to read.

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