Saturday, November 7, 2015

Review : Winter's Kiss

Winter's Kiss by Beth Andrews

Genre : Super Romance, Holiday, Harlequin, Contemporary, Romance,
Goodreads : Click
Pages: 218
Published November 1st 2015 by Harlequin


He didn't believe in fairy tales

Romantic fantasies and happy endings don't fit Oakes Bartasavich's reality. Of course, neither does his breathtaking attraction to Daphne Lynch. From his prestigious career to his volatile family, there's too much at stake to risk one kiss—let alone one night—with her.

But a snowy Christmas stranded together in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, shines light on everything he's fighting to deny. Daphne isn't just a beautiful temptation. She's a strong, intelligent, kind woman who deserves a happily-ever-after. One that Oakes isn't sure he can give her…no matter how much he'd like to.

I thought that this book was interesting and enjoyable. Thing is if you can look past the reason and how both Daphne and Oats have a shared sibling this is a good story. I kept going back to thinking the way that Oats was feeling that they are sort of related and that'[s enough to weird me out. I found that it was enjoyable enough to pass the time. There is a bit of an extra story in the with with another couple in the book. Even even though I liked what was going on with their relationship it wasn't necessary to be there. Maybe as a seperate novella but I found myself confused for a moment having to take the time to switch between who is who and keeping track of what is going on. My only problems was that at some points this book did drag for me. One of the thing I did like about this book was that Daphne was a strong willed women who will go after she wants no matter what. I liked the story overall I really enjoyed it.

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