Friday, May 29, 2015

Review : Ruin Me

Ruin Me by Jessica Sorensen

(Nova #5)
Genre : New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Road Trip, College, Fiction
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Pages: 253
Published : January 19, 2015
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 A part time student, CNA, and caretaker for her slightly deranged mother, Clara McKiney doesn’t have time for a relationship. That’s why her friends with benefits arrangement with sexy and ridiculously charming Jax Hensley works perfectly. 

But Jax has other ideas.

The moment Jax met Clara he was instantly drawn to her wittiness, confidence, and gorgeous smile. Even though he agreed to the friends with benefits arrangement, he secretly hopes for more than their weekend hook ups.

When Jax's estranged mother mysteriously disappears, he sees an opportunity to spend more time with Clara. After convincing her to return home with him, a new agreement is made. One road trip and week together to find out why his mom vanished into thin air. 

Things are about to get complicated.

Jax gets a strange call from his problematic mother that something is wrong. Its been on and off with this situation that not even the cops want to help out so Jax decides he wants to go back to his hometown to see if shes okay. Not able to get his sister come with him he asks his close friend that he also happens to be friend with benefits with to come along for the ride.

Clara has enough on her plate going to school, work and taking care of her mentally unstable mother. When Jax ask for her help going with him to his old home town shes reluctant for a few reasons. She doesn't want to get close to reveal her past, and about her mother and she has no time to just go on a road trip. When she manages to find the time and help, she goes with Jax and dives deeper into his life while also revealing some of her own secrets.

" I want to be part of your complicated life, just as long as you want me to be." ~Jax

Its no surprise that I am a fan of Jessica Sorensen and read many of her books. This is the 5th book to her Nova series that dives deeper into Nova's and Quinton's friends. Like many of her books this book is dark and steamy with troubled characters and yet still manages to make each of the stories quite unique and fun to read. Apparently I missed a book before this but thankfully this is a stand alone book. I'll be sure to tackle that book soon as I get the chance. I loved the relationship between Jax and Clara. I loved that these two characters were very strong taking in problems and learning to deal. Whether it was Jax crappy upbringing raising himself higher then what many others people ended up getting sucked into. Or like Clara was a young women taking up college and a job and taking care of her mother when she could've just get a care taker or send her mother to where she could be taken care of without being a burden. I just thought that these two were amazing characters and I enjoyed seeing their journey into furthering into their relationship with a bit of trouble in between.

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