Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review : Love and Elephants

Love and Elephants by Mimi Strong

Genre: Novella, Paranormal, Romance
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Pages: 45
Published March 27th 2015

A jaded businessman who doesn't believe in love crosses paths with a witch or two. 

Carter's sister keeps trying to set him up. She means well, but he's just not interested in silly things like dating or falling in love. But when the wrong woman shows up at his blind date, and identities are confused, something magic might happen. 

* * This is a stand-alone short novella with no cliffhanger.  * *

Heat Level: Sweet, with some cheeky text messages, but mild language and no explicit scenes.

Well that was fast. Only took me about 30-45 minutes to finished. Overall it was a sweet little paranormal romance book. Their relationship was too fast for my taste but then again it was a short novella, I really did enjoy this book though. Perfect for you readers out there that a busy and only have a few moments to spare.

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