Saturday, December 21, 2013

On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice by PJ Sharon

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Sports
Age Group: Young Adult, New Adult
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Seventeen year old figure skater Penny Trudeau has secrets. She’s not perfect, as hard as she tries to be. With a mother who is dying and a father who treats her like she’s invisible, Penny has every reason to lie. To escape the life that is spinning out of control, she falls into the arms of an older boy. But when she lies about her age and he finds out the truth, Penny loses the one good thing that has happened in a long time.

Carter McCray is the hockey hunk she falls for, but Carter has his own family drama, and he’s not looking for trouble. Penny proves to be the exception, until the truth comes out and he can’t get past the betrayal—or her father’s threats.

Can Penny find her way back into Carter’s heart, or will she have to face the harsh realities of life on her own? Penny’s choices lead her down a dangerous road and the secrets she’s keeping will change her world forever.

My Thoughts:

"Life experiences could change you in a way that made it impossible to be who you are and yet didn't allow you to be someone else."

Penny is a girl who is just trying to find her way. She loves ice skating but continues on her mothers request. Her mother is pretty much on her deathbed. Her father is more withdrawn then ever. Then the one thing good comes into her life is ruined by age. From there things start to go from bad to worse.

"Hiding from the truth is like trying to run away from your own reflection. Just because you can avoid a mirror, doesn't mean your image isn't still there, jumping out at you every time you pass a reflective surface."

I haven't really been a fan for young adult books lately because they all seem to have the same theme but I found my self still enjoying this book. I thought that the characters were interesting. I liked watching Penny grow and develop as a character. I liked that rather then just ignoring her problems with the help of others she was able to get support and help to get through things. This book was well written. The characters were very relate able. 4.5 stars!

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