Friday, December 20, 2013

Review : Say Forever

Say Forever by Tara West

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Pages: 202
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I love Andrés so much, more than anyone I’ve ever loved before, yet there are days when I don’t know if I want to scream, swear, or fall to pieces. We’re trying to plan a future together, but our families won’t leave us alone. What’s worse is I can see Andrés is not happy. 

They say love trumps all hurdles, but some days I wonder will “our” love trump “our” hurdles? Then I look into Andrés’s sensual smile and passionate gaze and I fall in love all over again. 

When I told Christina I would love her forever, I meant every word. The nightmares are back, and I don’t know how to stop them, but I have to be strong for her. This pressure from my family and my job feels like a noose around my neck, but I will do whatever it takes to give Christina the life she deserves. She’s everything to me, and I won’t lose her. 

This is the third and final installment in the Something More Series.

***Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and mature situations. Not intended for young adult readers.*** 

My Thoughts:

Christina is pregnant and is getting married to Andres. Weddings are supposed to be a happy time but Christna is cracking under the weight of all the dress and family issues. Meanwhile Andres is stressed out from his job that will pay him good but doesnt make him happy. Both are starting to break under the pressure.

Such a great ending to a fantastic trilogy. I just just up and down with being happy and sad for Christina and Andres. I loved the ending everything tied in so perfectly and there was no loose ends. Trust me when I say once you start this book you won't be able to put down this book until the very end.

This is the third book to the Something More Series so be sure to check out the previous before you get to this book

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  1. Thanks so much, Jessica. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)


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