Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tour / Review: With Love, Ella

With Love, Ella by Alexa Randolph

Publication date: December 12th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary
Ella Chambers is basking in her success as a sought-after New York party planner when she gets her dream job: planning her own wedding to her long-time boyfriend Daniel Collins, a professional football player.

Sadly, amid planning her own nuptials, Ella gets some devastating news that turns her life inside out. Will she and her fiancé finally make it down the aisle, or will tragedy get in the way?

 You know what I wasn't prepared for this book, I was expecting a light hearted book with a bit of drama since there was going to be a wedding involved. Nope there was pretty heavy moments with this book bits of drama and it can get emotional at times. I really enjoyed this book and seeing Ella and Daniels relationship the ups and downs of the things that came in their way. When it came to this book I ended up binge reading it because I was enjoying myself so much and when it came to certain details I had to make sure things I seen how things got resolved and everything. Overall pretty great book I really enjoyed it.
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