Thursday, August 3, 2017

Review : How to Train a Cowboy

How to Train a Cowboy by Caro Carson

Genre: Romance, Literary Fiction, Military
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Pages: 224
Published July 18th 2017 by Harlequin Special Edition
 Lessons in lassoing 

Though marine hero Benjamin Graham doesn't know the first thing about ranching, his new job is the lifeline he desperately needs. Without the help of feisty cowgirl Emily Davis, though, he's lost—in more ways than one. But as their attraction turns combustible, the hardened battle vet turns away from the gorgeous college coed. She might know every inch of her family's homestead, at Graham doesn't want her to know his pain.

Even if the world is Emily's oyster, all she's ever wanted is the family ranch. And though rugged new ranch hand Graham seems like an unlikely trainee, he is taking her dreams of running the ranch more seriously than anyone else. As they grow closer during hot days—and nights—working the range, Emily starts to think that maybe the ranch is only a piece of her dream…

I think it was the pretty cover on the cover that may have drawn my eye. Then there was the fact that there was the word Cowboy in the title and I was sold. After reading the description the book sounded like it was good for me. After reading it I couldn't help but think it was nice. It was a pretty good book. Not the best that I've read but it was pretty good. See the thing is I wished there was more of everything, less of that first day which took up like more the 60% of the book where everything else after felt rushed so made it less enjoyable. I liked seeing the conflict for Emily and how she was dealing with family and her school education and knowing what she really wanted and having Graham to help her out to see things in a different way to help her with what she truly wants.

Overall the story line was interesting, the characters were okay wish I knew more about them then what was there, the story was paced pretty slow in the beginning and rushed towards the end which was a turn off for me. After all that this book was pretty good.

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