Friday, July 7, 2017

Review : The Colton Marine

The Colton Marine by Lisa Childs

Genre : Contemporary, Romance, Suspense, Western
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Published July 4th 2017 by Harlequin Romantic Suspense 
A troubled hero returns home to a family nightmare in this thrilling Coltons of Shadow Creek tale!

Hired to renovate his family's former mansion, River Colton hopes to find answers to his deepest questions. Plagued by memories of his fugitive mother, the ex-marine finds danger to his life in the estate's secret chambers--and danger to his heart in Edith Beaulieu, its beautiful new guardian.

But someone doesn't want Edith or River in the seemingly haunted house. When Edith falls victim to too many "accidents"--and falls hard for River--the Texas loner risks everything to protect her. If the ghosts of Coltons past lurk in the shadows, it's up to Edith and River hunt them down... 
When reading this book I got the nagging sense that I am missing a coupling things and after Reading it found out that I was reading the 5th book in the series (Oops!) It did good as a stand alone but I think It would've been a whole lot better reading experience if I read the previous books. That being said I thought that this was a really good mystery book. I loved getting to see Ediths character, she really was a hard working stubborn women. I loved getting to know their back stories which made their characters even more interesting. I loved the spark between the two main characters. I loved that not only did I get the the two main characters POV but the mystery intruders thoughts as well made it more creepy seeing that view. I loved that there was plenty going on in this book o keep things interesting and overall it was a really enjoyable book,. Thinking about  getting the previous books to see what happened before .

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