Saturday, June 10, 2017

Review : The Rancher's Surprise Baby

The Rancher's Surprise Baby by Trish Milburn

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Western
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Pages: 224
Published June 1st 2017 by Harlequin Western Romance
Mandy Richardson has always wanted a husband and lots of kids. She knows Ben Hartley isn't a forever kind of guy, so she struggles to keep her feelings for him friends only. But she can't help her growing attraction. Then one night their relationship blossoms into more, and soon Mandy discovers she's pregnant. 
Ben still bears the scars of a painful past—a past that has him avoiding love and commitment. When Mandy tells him he's going to be a dad, he worries he won't measure up. After all, his own father was far from a role model. But he's fallen hard for Mandy, and now it's up to him to prove he's a better man—a stronger man—than he thought. 
Mandy's day isn't going so well and figured that's when Ben Hartly does a bit of damaged to her car with a outrageous story. While her car is in the shop Ben offers her some assistance by driving her around but the more time they spend around each other the feeling start to grow. Problem is while Many has her sights set on her future with a husband and children, Ben has others plans that don't involve children. Both different plans and they have to see if they can work things out.

Overall this was a pretty sweet romance, full of meddling neighbors and family members, oh and a large cat. I loved seeing the spark a between the two and wondering how their lives would work out with such differences of opinions when it came to the future. This book is your typical cheesey romance but I love that type of stuff so this book was a pretty good read for me and I enjoyed it.

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