Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review: Second Chance Cowboy

Second-Chance Cowboy by Carolyne Aarsen

Pages: 224
Genre: Western, Contemporary, Romance,
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Published : May 23rd 2017 by Love Inspired 
Rancher Daddy

Morgan Walsh will do just about anything to connect with the son who continues to keep him at arm's length. Even ask a favor of ex-fiancee Tabitha Rennie. And what young Nathan desperately wants is for Tabitha to train his late mother's horse. But Tabitha is also determined to keep her distance. As soon as she's paid off her father's debts, she'll leave town and the painful memories of the real reason she abruptly left Morgan all those years ago. Yet spending time with Morgan and his son is sparking dreams she can't deny: of family, fresh starts and first loves that last a lifetime.
Tabitha it working to the best of her ability to work off her fathers debts then when its over her ties to this town will be over and she can leave. Unfortunately that means dealing with Morgan Walsh an ex-fiance of hers and his son when they are supposed to be working at a vet. Little did they expect to see each other more often causing old feelings to rise.

If your a fan of second chances then you'll love this book, I am which it why I picked up this book. I loved a good sweet romance. I loved how Loyal Tabitha was working off her fathers debts even if she didn't need to, she could've left and leave her problems behind but she stuck found and fixed her brothers problems. I though it was interesting seeing how Morgan was with his son and how they worked out their problems after being seperate for some time. It was interesting seeing the son open up more and how Tabitha helped out the father son duo. Overall this was a pretty sweet romance and I really enjoyed it.

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