Monday, May 1, 2017

Review : Necessary Action

Necessary Action by Julie Miller

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Intrigue, Mystery
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Pages: 256
Release Date : May 1st,2017
Learning to trust could bring them together—keeping secrets could tear them apart

Going undercover to take down murderous gun smugglers is what Duff Watson lives for. Until he tracks the ring to a Missouri farm and meets paramedic Melanie Fiske. Now the KCPD detective has another critical task: winning over the curvy redhead who tempts him yet whom he can't let himself trust.

Something about the protective ex-soldier makes Melanie believe he can help her find out the truth about her family. And the desire Duff awakens feels like the real thing. But when Melanie's life is threatened, can she keep trusting—and loving—a man who lives a life of dangerous deception? 
After a gunman shot up a wedding sending his father into the hospital, Duff goes undercover to a well known gun smuggling ring to find the assassin behind it. Melanie knows there is something off about her family, but not sure what it is. She back and wants to find out what really happened to her father because everyone seems to be hushed about it. Both Duff and Melanie work together to find out what really happened and who is the assassin and will try to take down the ring together.

Overall I thought that this book was pretty good. I thought that there would be more action to it though. I did enjoy seeing Melanie and Duff work together and find the ties to their own reasons for this story. I enjoyed seeing the connection between the two. I loved that Melanie was the type of stand up and go with her gut when thing are suspicious even if it did end up landing her in trouble. Overall this was a pretty good book, it kept me hooked to the very end.

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