Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Review : The Lawman's Convenient

The Lawman's Convenient Bride by Christine Rimmer

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, 
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Pages: 244
Feisty, fearless Jody Bravo's set to do everything for her baby. She doesn't need anything from anyone--especially the stepbrother of her baby's late father. But lawman Seth Yancy won't leave her to face parenthood alone, no matter how prepared she is. And even though Jody resists, soon she's taken in completely by his charms--and agrees to be his wife.

Hunky Sheriff Yancy's not without his fair share of admirers in Justice Creek. After a terrible tragedy years before, though, he's faced life alone. Now the real-life woman of his dreams just happens to be his bride--and pregnant with the child of his heart, if not his reality. So "father" is a role that will come naturally to Seth. And will "husband" really be that far behind?

Honestly I wasn't into this book. Yancy was pushy and I just didn't like him. Then over time I was okay with him but just didn't like his character. Jody didn't need to deal with his pushy butt, I get that she seems like an independent women but she could've just told him to back off and leave her be at sometimes. Other then that connection between the two was okay. I didn't like how they just jumped the gun when it came to the marrying part. I mean they should've waited and gave it time and why would she even marry a man who wouldn't say that he loves her? I dont know the book was good but I just wasn't into the different situations that occurred.

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