Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review : In the Rancher's Arms

In The Rancher's Arms by Trish Milburn

Genre: Western Romance, Contemporary
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Pages: 225

After her capture by human traffickers, international reporter Arden Wilkes should have felt safe back in her small hometown. Blue Falls, Texas, feels comfortingly familiar--and painfully foreign. Disoriented, Arden struggles to regain her sense of self and deal with the aftermath...only to find a sense of safety in the last place she ever expected.

Rancher Neil Hartley knows too well the kind of scars that trauma can bring. However, what started out as warm friendship with Arden is quickly turning into a deepening attraction. But despite Arden's slow recovery--and the promise of love--her old life still awaits her return. Now Arden must choose between the woman she used to be...and the safety of her rancher's arms.

Arden was a reporter who manged to get captured by human traffickers. She managed to be among the lucky ones who got saved after sometime and is back in her hometown trying to live a normal life after the whole ordeal. This is is hear life after the pain and learning to heal and learning to continue on with her life. Neil Hartley is offering nothing more then friendship while she heals but it seems that is slowly turning into more.

I liked this book it was sweet and uplifting and getting to see how this character was dealing with her life. I loved that it shows that she didn't come out unscathed. Sometimes when I come across books like this they come out completely unphased meanwhile this characters Arden, had her blips here and there but was learning to continue on. I loved seeing how Neil was helping her out and getting to know his bit of his own story. I thought it was interesting seeing Ardens point of view in having reporters and others kinda hounding her when they wanted a interview or were just plain nosy and how it was dealt with. I enjoyed the relationship between Arden and Neil and seeing her slowly but surly getting used to life after. Overall it was a really great book I really enjoyed it.

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