Saturday, March 11, 2017

Review : Nanny Bodyguard

Nanny Bodyguard by Lisa Childs

Genre: Kidnapping, Crime, Suspense, Romantic Suspense, 
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Pages: 288
Payne Protection's latest hire has a secret agenda but his heart keeps getting in the way! 

Digital security specialist Nikki Payne is eager to prove herself. So when former marine Lars Ecklund asks for her help in tracking down his sister, Nikki happily volunteers her services. But she doesn't anticipate falling for her role as nanny and bodyguard to a baby they're protecting or uncovering a raging hunger for guarded Lars. 

To find out what happened to his sibling, Lars must get into a fortified mansion at any cost and track down an elusive lawyer. But his fierce desire for Nikki is complicating everything. Putting the stunning spitfire in danger doesn't sit easily with him, yet he has no choice if he's to reclaim his sister—or create a future with this new family.

Nikkie works apart of the Payne Protection agency and wants to prove her worth but its hard when shes put on desk jobs and not in the field of work. It doesn't help that her brother keep finding new people to hire as body guards when shes has all the training. In comes the new guy Lars who does help in her in away to get what she wants to be an actual body guard but there seems to be some secrets he's hiding.

I loved this book, it was entertaining and mysterious. It was suspenseful questioning what happened and if Lar's sister and if she was even alive. I loved how observant Nikkie was with it came to things and went with her gut. I loved that she was the type of person to stand up for herself. I loved that there was plenty of twists throughout the book that surprised me. If you are looking for a book with more mystery not as much action then you'll want to check this book out I really enjoyed this book.

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