Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review : Kiss Me, Sheriff

Kiss Me, Sheriff by Wendy Warren

Genre : Contemporary, Romance, 
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Pages: 224
Published March 1st 2017 by Harlequin Special Edition
It only took one kiss
Willa Holmes has one rule: don't fall in love! Love brings ties and ties bring pain, and she's had enough of that. That's why the pastry chef fled to Thunder Ridge in the first place—to live privately and bake anonymously. But then she makes a big mistake: she kisses the local sheriff. The tall, dark, incredibly sexy sheriff  
No high-speed chase. That's Derek Neel's dating rule till Willa. But the cowboy sheriff's hot pursuit hits a roadblock when he takes in an at-risk boy and Willa bucks like a frightened filly. Why is she so scared of the very things he wants most—love, family, forever? Derek isn't sure, but he knows this: not even Willa can escape the loving arms of the law!

Willa is pretty much making it a point when she doesn't make any close relationships with anyone in town, making herself seems like a loner.Then there is Derek the small down sheriff who is helping out a at risk preteen that reminds him of himself. Will is not even up to having a relationship and what the teen and Derek has makes her a bit skittsh.

I liked this book. I thought it was nice and enjoyable read. I loved seeing that connection between the two and finding out why Willa has that bit of close off part of herself from others. It was sweet seeing Derek working on the teen rather then just writing the child off and not caring. Instead Derek makes himself a sort of mentor for the child who hasn't exactly had the best guidance. If you are looking for clean romance then this book might appeal to you. I loved getting both point of views when it came to the two main characters. The story was well written and overall pretty good.

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