Saturday, February 11, 2017

Review : The Texas Valentine Twins

The Texas Valentine Twins by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Western Romance
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Pages: 224
February 7th 2017 by Harlequin Western Romance
A Sweetheart Deal 

Wyatt Lockhart is bound to regret moving in with Adelaide Smythe. She's broken the Texas rancher's heart before, and their last spontaneous reunion resulted in a couple of surprises--twin babies! Wyatt won't shirk his fatherly duties, but being this close to Adelaide makes it hard to remember why he should stay far away.

Adelaide knows she hurt Wyatt, and she's determined never to do it again. Once they figure out how to share parenting duties, she'll give him enough space to keep both their hearts safe. But life together at the Circle H is already growing on her. For the sake of their family's future, can Wyatt forgive Adelaide for the past?

Adelaide and Wyatt have history and it seems the two have a few surprises that are keeping the two together, for now that is. For now they'll stay together until they figure how to settle things and the fact that they are now closer then ever makes thing so difficult.

I liked the book, I wasn't expecting that bit of a mystery when it came to the fathers aspect so I thought that was interesting. Then there was the reason that brought the two together, I thought it was interesting seeing how they worked on tough situations. There was romance and plenty of steamy sessions throughout the book. Overall this was a pretty enjoyable book, also nice to read around valentines day since its a holiday read, even if it can be read at any time. I just like to match books around holidays when they are mentioned in the book.

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