Monday, February 6, 2017

Review : The Only Witness

The Only Witness by Laura Scott

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Love Inspired Suspense
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Pages: 224
Silent Little Witness

Determined to question the ex-wife of a murder suspect, homicide detective Miles Callahan arrives just in time to save her and her daughter from a shooter. Leaving the scene of a crime goes against his training, but protecting Paige Olson and the little girl is more important than following the rules. But now, on the run with mother and child, Miles must figure out what happened to Paige's ex-husband…and why young Abby won't say a word. Her usually talkative child's silence has Paige worried. Is it possible she witnessed something while video chatting with her dad? If only they can convince the little girl to talk, then they might just break the case wide-open and stop the killer who's stalking them at every turn.

Miles is working on questioning a friends ex-wife when shots are fired and he's now working on making sure that the ex-wife and her child are safe. Now on the run, Miles will help protect Paige and her child and find out whats really going on that they are being hunted down at every turn.

My favorite part about this book is the constant drama and twist that kept me wanting more. I loved that there was a bit of connection between Paige and Miles but it wasn't where it over powers the book. This book had plenty of faith going on so if you are looking for a clean christian kind of book that has mystery and suspense your going to want to pick this book up. I loved that there was constantly something going on to keep me as a reader hooked.

This is book two to the Callahan Confidential series and I look forward to seeing more.

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