Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review : Hot Combat

Hot Combat by Elle James

Genre: Western, Contemporary, Romance, Intrigue
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Pages: 256
Published: February 1st 2017 by Harlequin Intrigue
Can a sexy SEAL discover the truth before terror explodes? 

Loaned to the task force taking on the most dangerous Homeland Security challenges, injured SEAL Jon "Ghost" Caspar is assigned to protect a former lover and her daughter and prevent an imminent terrorist attack on his Wyoming hometown. 

Single mom Charlie McClain hoped she'd never again see the gorgeous cowboy who broke her heart, but with her safety compromised, she needs Ghost. Can she still resist his rugged charms and keep a bombshell secret about their affair? 

With a terrorist on the loose, Ghost struggles to remain professional. But the elite bodyguard can't guard his heart against beautiful Charlie and her adorable daughter.

Ballistic Cowboys

Jon was injured on duty as a SEAL, now on recovery he is set on getting better to go back on duty. Until then he works as a Homeland Security, little did he expect to be put on an assignment that sends him to protect a women he loved in the past along with her daughter. There is a terrorist attack being formed and his ex Charlie stumbled upon so information that leaves her life at risk.

I really enjoyed this book. It was suspenseful, wondering what was really going on with the terrorist, who they can be and when and if they were going to strike. Then there that second chance at a romance between Jon and Charlie. I loved seeing the interaction between Jon and Charlies daughter. I loved how resourceful Charlie was, in thought situations she really wasn't the type to back out but knew her limits at time to ask for help when she needed it. Overall this was a pretty good book and I really enjoyed it.

So I just found out that there is going to be a series connected to it. Probably a bunch of standalone connected as a whole as a branch of that terrorist group that was going on. (That's just what I'm assuming so don't hold me to that.) I look forward to seeing any books that come after this one is what I'm trying to say.

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