Monday, January 23, 2017

Review : Courting the Cowboy

Courting the Cowboy by Carolyne Aarsen

Genre: Western, Contemporary, Romance,
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Pages: 224
Release Date: January 17th 2017 by Love Inspired
Meeting the Cowboy's Family

Looking for inspiration, artist Ella Langton rents a cabin in the isolated Porcupine Hills of Alberta. She didn't count on having neighbors, but rancher Cord Walsh and his three children are just a stone's throw away. Still healing from a tragic accident, Ella has no plans of reaching out, but she's having a hard time keeping them out of her yard and her thoughts. And when little Suzy ropes Ella into helping her with an art project, she can't help her growing feelings for the girl's rugged daddy. With three persistent children, Cord and Ella may find their fenced-off hearts opening up sooner than they thought!

Ella has lost her inspiration and for a short while decides to stay in a cabin to see if she can find that inspiration once again. Little did she expect for the neighbors children and workaholic father to somehow make their way into her heart. Now shes painting differently then she used to and shes not sure if this a good or bad thing.

I thought that this was a sweet book. It was interesting getting to see Cord and Ella's POV and seeing how their life past and present was. It was interesting getting to dive briefly into their past to understand who they were as character and make the readers love the character more.I loved Cords children and how they managed to get their way at times knowing how to play the adults. I loved that the children did managed to stay as an important role when it came to book as well, many of the children in books tend to fade into the background and you don't hear about them much. I loved that this book was a clean romance, and if you're a person of christian faith you'll like this book as well. This book mentions about christian faith and you get to see how god plays into these characters lives as well. Overall it was a pretty sweet book I enjoyed it.

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