Sunday, January 22, 2017

Review : Baby Talk & Wedding Bells

Baby Talk & Wedding Bells by Brenda Harlen

Genre: Contemporary, Romance,  
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Pages: 224
Release Date: January 17th 2017 by Harlequin Special Edition
The start of a new chapter?

Braden Garrett felt blessed the instant his adopted baby girl was laid in his arms. Fifteen months later, the widowed CEO feels out of place as the only man at the local library's toddler music class! Until his gaze falls on the librarian. Beautiful Cassie MacKinnon sparks a desire he'd long forgotten but why can't he convince her to go out with him?

After a disastrous broken engagement, Cassie's given up her dreams of white picket fences. That is, until tall, dark and sexy Mr. Garrett sparks fantasies of a different kind! Tempting as Braden is, though, Cassie is afraid the single dad only sees her as a substitute mommy. Or is the dedicated daddy offering everything she's ever wanted true love and family in one perfect package?

After the death of his wife Braven is learning to be a single father, with the help of family, to care for his adopted daughter. It seems his meddling mother is trying to set him up with the single Librarian ahead of the baby talk program that his daughter attends.

I thought that this was a sweet book to read. I loved how well meaning Braden meddling mother was. I thought it was interesting seeing how the book turned out. I loved seeing that connection between Cassie and Braden. I loved seeing the sweetness between Cassie and Braydens daughter. If you are looking for a sweet romance book then this is for you I really enjoyed my time reading it.

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