Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Review : Reunited at Christmas

Reunited at Christmas by Belle Calhoune

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Clean Romance, Holiday, 
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Published November 22nd 2016 by Love Inspired
Pages: 288
Two years after the avalanche everyone thought had claimed her life, Ruby Prescott returns to the remote Alaskan town of Love. And no one is more ecstatic than her husband, Liam, and their young son. Even if amnesia has robbed Ruby of her memories, she's soon woven back into the fabric of their lives. As they celebrate the holiday season, Ruby is falling head over heels for the man she's told was the love of her life. But she can't escape the feeling that there's something Liam is keeping a secret. Will the return of her memories tear them apart for good—or will this be a Christmas she'll never forget?
It's been two years since the Liam's wife Ruby gone missing during a search and rescue, that left her missing presumed dead. Now shes back with amnesia and working on getting her memories back. Liam knows their history is rocky with the hopes that if he doesn't' tell her things will be as they were when they were once happy.

Apparently this book is apart of a stand alone series, and with how good this book turned out I think I'll be going on the hunt for the previous books on the other friends loves stories. This was a sweet clean romance. Seeing Ruby's memories as they came to her was interesting. I liked getting her past as she saw it, it gave that character a bit more depth and I loved her character more because of it. I thought it was interesting getting to konw what she was doing when she was missing, getting a bit of what her life was when she was on her own. I loved seeing how sweet it was when the family was finally learning how to be together. I liked seeing how they handled situations that were coming her way. Overall a pretty good holiday story.

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