Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Review : The Cowboy Seal's Jingle Bell Baby

The Cowboy Seal's Jingle Bell Baby by Laura Marie Altom

Genre: Western, Holiday, Romance, Military
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Pages: 224
Published December 6th 2016 by Harlequin

Tiffany Lawson promised herself that she would never, ever give her heart to a man again. Now she's a pregnant former rodeo queen and ex-debutante struggling to support her mother and grandmother. She's already picked out the perfect adoptive parents, but cowboy Navy SEAL Rowdy Jones isn't letting anyone take his child. 

Rowdy loves the rush that comes from being a Navy SEAL, but finding out he's about to become a dad? That trumps everything. While he and Tiffany shared only one night, Rowdy's determined to do right by her and their baby. His next mission—to win Tiffany and keep his son—might be his toughest yet

Tiffany had a one night stand with a cowboy and finds out shes pregnant. Not getting in contact with Rowdy she decides to give the child up for adoption, only a couple months left till the birth and she hasn't heard from Rowdy. Rowdy is a Navy Seal and was out on duty and just for Tiffany's message and is ready to jump the gun and do what he needs to do and try to convince tiffany they should just have a family and keep the baby.

I thought that this was a enjoyable read. I didn't like that Rowdy was a bit pushy as to how he thinks things should be rather then just finding some common grounds first. I loved that Tiffany was a caring loving person and was only trying to do right for her baby and trying to find the child a loving home. At the moment she really didn't have much of the means of raising a child when she is already taking care of her mother and grandmother and things are tough. Shes a strong women willing to make difficult choices. I did enjoy the connection between Rowdy and Tiffany. I thought that the story was overall really good and enjoyable.

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